UnF*ck Your Flora

The CRUDE team brought us on to refresh and elevate their brand identity and packaging in an effort to take their business to the next level, and position them to become the pioneer in microbiomic skincare. Leaning into the brand’s unique soap-free formulas, we wanted to develop a brand identity that celebrates our lush, living flora, (aka your microbiome). A custom illustration set showcases how plants and microorganisms (such as beautiful bacteria and fungi) that inhabit the human body work together to clean, regulate and maintain your body’s homeostasis... all on its own.
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The Rebrand We infused color into the new identity as an eye-catching accent to packaging and to help differentiate products, illustrating how these formulas support the bustling life of your skin barrier. Typography plays a key role is communicating CRUDE’s edgy, playful, and straight-forward tone of voice. We paired the bold and expressive typography of GT Alpina (primary typeface) and the structured grotesque GT America (secondary typeface) with the condensed and curvaceous Domain Display (CRUDE’s new logo). We felt type would support CRUDE in addressing its mission which sits at the intersection of beauty, wellness, and activism.
Studies continue to point to the direct connection between common skin diseases like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis as harmful side effects of synthetic, detergent-based soap. Those soapy cleansers and exfoliants we’ve adopted into our personal care rituals are stripping our bodies of its natural flora (helpful bacteria and fungi) and oils, leaving it inflamed and unprotected. We saw an opportunity to educate new and returning customers about the 'dirt on soap' and why we can no longer turn a blind eye to our flora. CRUDE products allow you to ditch the suds and commit to effective, plant-based formulas that are as multi-layered as we are.
Unf*ck Your Flora For the relaunch, we ideated a campaign centered around the tagline ‘Unf*ck Your Flora’. This tagline speaks to what’s at the heart of CRUDE’s mission: to unf*ck your flora, your routine, your notion of ‘clean’, the beauty industry, the powers that be, the status quo, the planet we call home. Photography highlights the brand’s raw approach to skincare by showcasing members of its existing community instead of models, and never retouching skin imagery.
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