Helpful Hens

The Egg Innovations team hired us to develop a new brand for their newest offering: delicious eggs from regenerative farms. The project scope included everything from naming, brand strategy and positioning, packaging, and digital and web creative, so we got a chance to get our hands dirty on all things eggs.
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Print Collateral
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
As we do with any new project, we began with researching the market, educating ourselves on regenerative farming practices (great resources here), and interviewing Egg Innovations team members to understand the legacy of the company (started in 1913) and how that would shape the foundational elements of this new brand.

We discovered most egg brands center their narrative on the farmers behind their operation to deliver that local, farm fresh experience, and understandably so. Also, we learned pasture-raised and free range eggs are the fastest growing segments in the market which tells you consumers are purchasing eggs from farms committed to animal welfare. This new brand was uniquely positioned to put hens at the helm, further building upon Egg Innovations’ prioritization of hen welfare, knowing hens play an integral part on a regenerative farm. As expert grazers, natural fertilizers and steadfast soil scratchers, hens play an important role supporting the earth’s ecosystem and the farm’s livelihood. By encouraging and harnessing their natural behaviors, these healthy hens lay great tasting eggs, support a sustainable food system, all while making the soil richer, farms more lucrative and the planet’s carbon balance more equalized. And that’s how we landed on the brand name, Helpful Hens.
Helpful Hens is not just about eggs, but also restoring our soil. While American farmland has a lot of dirt, it’s short on topsoil—the rich, plant-nourishing, carbon-balancing material that a healthy planet and food system is built upon. The way we get soil back is with practices like regenerative agriculture. These unique farming principles and practices that prioritize preserving and regenerating topsoil are now becoming more popular as we combat our climate crisis and CGP brands are getting on board. Helpful Hens allows consumers to make better food choices that are healthy for hens, farmers, people and planet.

The illustrative details embedded in the logo’s letterforms allowed us to marry the name and mission into one scene. We needed to explain the benefits of restoring soil, how healthy soil leads to healthy plants which supports a healthier carbon balance and planet. Green cover crops (a key element of regenerative farming) ground each letter with new plants sprouting up from the roots, buzzing bees pollinate nearby sunflowers nodding to the biodiversity & native species principles of regen agriculture, and hens are shown exhibiting their natural behaviors like grazing and scratching that help nurture the soil. All together you get a beautiful illustration celebrating the complexity of a vibrant farm ecosystem. And that’s what this brand is all about.
Pasture raised and free range eggs are the fastest growing SKUs, and regenerative farming is becoming more well known, and these are things people connect to on an emotional level and are willing to pay a premium for. But the packaging landscape left a lot on the table in terms of telling those stories in ways that felt emotional and fresh. With Helpful Hens being such an optimistic brand, we were inspired to bring more joy and vibrance to the packaging experience that would tell the story of the vital role hens play on regenerative farms and the benefits of supporting regenerative brands. And we wanted that to come through on the front of pack to attract people to the brand, but we also paid specific attention to the inside carton—the area people see most as they go through their eggs—where we extended our illustration set into an educational moment and opportunity for further brand connection.